We offer

At SmartAero, we offer a full range of training for pilots, from the PPL tourist license to the ATPL line license We are opening a unique opportunity to pursue an aviation career. We will professionally prepare you for the profession of a pilot.

Flying School

Have you ever dreamt of flying? You were born with the irresistible vision of becoming a plane pilot? Or do you treat airplanes only as a means of efficient and fast transportation… Be smart – fly with us!

Individual approach

Regardless of whether you want to sit at the controls of a Boeing or Airbus or you just want to fly in your free time with your family or friends, we will teach you to do it perfectly and safely.

Our courses

Training for the private pilot licence – PPL(A), Training for the night flight rating – VFR NIGHT, Training for the multi-engine piston planes rating MEP(L), Instrument rating training IR(A) SE/ME (PBN), Training for the commercial pilot licence CPL(A), Training for the flight instructor certificate FI(A), Training for the airline transport pilot licence ATPL(A).

Our crew

Thousands of hours of experience in the air allowed us to gain the necessary knowledge to create SmartAero Flight Academy. We offer the best, professional instructors with an individual approach to students

Marek Piórkowski

Flight Instructor

Arkadiusz Ochnik

Maintenance & Technical support