Training for the private pilot licence PPL(A) Training for the private pilot licence PPL(A) Obtaining a Private Pilot Licence is an introduction to your airline adventure. During this course you will make your first solo flight, which for most is an unforgettable experience. Once you have successfully passed the examinations under the Civil Aviation Authority
VFR NIGHT – training for night flight rating If you want to fly at night, it is necessary to obtain an additional rating, i. e. VFR night. This training usually consists of one-day theoretical training, on an individual basis, followed by practical training (min. 5h). Flying in VFR conditions at night is extremely exciting, as
MEP(L) – training for multi-engine piston rating   If you plan to work as a professional pilot, you will certainly have to deal with multi-engine planes. The primary reason for using more than one power unit is to increase safety. However, it should be remembered that an aircraft of this type is much more difficult
IR(A) SE/ME – training for instrument rating on single or multi engine piston aircrafts Having an Instrument rating (IR) will allow you to perform air operations in controlled space and severe weather conditions without visual contact with the ground. In IFR flights, we use devices built on board the aircraft and located on the ground
CPL(A) – training for commercial pilot licence The acquisition of a Commercial Pilot Licence is essential for anyone with a professional career in aviation. During the training, we will teach you how to fly in difficult weather conditions, you will fly at night and you will familiarize yourself with the specifications of air operations in
FI(A) – training for the flight instructor certificate   Until now, despite your license, you were a student. Now it’s time for the roles to turn around. If you want to teach flying and you meet all the conditions, it is time to start training for the FI(A) rating. The training will show you the
ATPL(A) – training for airline transport pilot licence Obtaining an Airline Transport Pilot Licence is one of the last stages of professional pilot education. In our centre you will have an ATPL(A) theoretical training, during which the best specialists in each field will give you the complete knowledge needed by any future airline pilot. Upon
CRI(SP)S/CRI(SP)M single-pilot aeroplane instructor certificate   CRI(SP)S – instructor certificate for single-pilot aeroplane class on single-engine piston land based SEP(L), CRI(SP)M – instructor certificate for single-pilot aeroplane class on multi-pilot, piston, land based MEP(L), Want to know more?
IRI(A) training for the instrument flight operations instructor certificate Are you an FI(A) instructor ? do you have an IR(A) rating ? Are you familiar with IFR flights and would you like to pass on your knowledge and skills to others? This training is for you. Theoretical training: 25 hours, practical training: 5 hours No