The world’s most popular school plane is a two-seater upper deck with a 110 hp Lycoming engine. Due to the unparalleled level of safety and ease of piloting, it is where most pilots begin their careers. In our pilotage centre is used to conduct training for PPL(A) private licence, VFR night training, CPL(A) professional licence and FI(A) instructor certificate. If you already have the necessary permissions to fly planes, you can rent such a plane by calling our helpline. In Smart Aero Flight Academy you will find two such ships, one marked SP-MAA, the other SP-MAS. The planes have recently undergone a major overhaul.

Piper PA30 Twin Comanche

We present to you the greatest pride of our training centre. The legendary aircraft, which has become famous for its performance unmatched by other designs of this type, is currently one of the most valued four-seat twin-engine aircraft in the world. Equipped with retractable landing gear, variable pitch propellers and two 160 hp Lycoming IO-320 engines, it allows you to fly at over 300 km/h over a distance of 2200 km using almost the same amount of fuel as a single-engine aircraft. Over the last three years, our PA30 has been thoroughly renovated with attention to detail to reflect our passion for aviation. At our centre used for IR(A)ME and multi-engine MEP(L) training.

Piper PA28r-201 Arrow

One of the most versatile airframes in its class. Four-seater bottom wings equipped with retractable gear, variable pitch propeller and 200 hp Lycoming IO-360 engine. Due to the comprehensive equipment of the cockpit, it allows to conduct training in all weather conditions. The range of this aircraft allows for comfortable flights outside Poland. In our pilotage centre used for training for the IR(A)SE and CPL(A) – professional pilot’s license – in the so-called ‘. complex’. Our PA28R is in perfect technical condition.