About us

Our company

One of man’s greatest desires has always been to fly in the clouds. . . you’ll be surprised how easy it is now!

At Smart Aaero Flight Academy we organize flight trainings dedicated both to professionals who want to acquire new skills or improve their existing qualifications, as well as to complete amateurs who are just beginning their sky adventure. Private pilot licence, IR(A) ratings, multi-engines. . . That’s just part of our rich offer ! Your safety is the most important thing for us, that is why we treat each task entrusted to us as a mission to be performed, approaching it individually and maintaining the highest quality, precision and diligence.

Our mission and values

We are a thriving company, in which we know how important the function of qualified staff is. We want to improve our skills and continuously develop, so we regularly participate in trainings and courses so that our knowledge and competences are always at the highest level.

We want to be the best, that is why we consistently strive to become the leader in our respective segments of the aviation market;

We rely on people, because we do not exist without them. The many years of experience of our employees, their passion and commitment are invaluable to us!

Your safety is the most important thing for us, so we approach each task individually and fully professional – this is our absolute standard.

A satisfied customer is the greatest reward for us. We do everything to ensure that your level of satisfaction is directly proportional to the level of service provided.

Every day we look at our work, wondering what else we can improve for you.

We focus our strength and resources on honest and reliable work.

We support each other and act together – because together is easier!

After all, the success of a company depends on whether you want to come back to us in the future.


The history of the company dates back to 2009 – it was then that, thanks to the passion and irresistible desire to make the dreams of pilot Tomasz Malec come true, our durable, coherent and stable aviation company with a wide range of services and an unusual, innovative approach to aspects of the aviation industry itself was created.

The certificates obtained – the Air Training Organisation (ATO) and the Air Maintenance Organisation (AMO) – were only a prelude to the group which is to be established in the future and which will concentrate many aviation organisations within its structures. The experience gained „on the airlines” by Tomasz Malec and his father Andrzej Malec, the constant contact of both of them with the large aviation industry, looking at solutions proven and established in Western European economies, led to the establishment of further entities, including the organization of Continuous Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) and the realization of the final goal – certification of commercial air transport (AOC), both under the company – Smart Jet

The eternal passion for flying and Andrzej Malec’s enormous aviation experience combined with Tomasz Malec’s business fierceness and aeronautical intuition give an unprecedented mix, which guarantees constant, sustainable development.

Individual approach

To become a pilot you have to go through training consisting of several stages. We know how important it is to have a professional and individual approach to each student, so from the start, each of them is taken care of by their own instructor. Its task is to propose a „learning pathway” that will allow the intended objectives to be achieved in an optimal way: efficient, effective and stress-free. When you start the right training, your instructor will supervise your progress, answer all your questions and resolve any doubts, and help you whenever the need arises.