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Executive charter

Among the air operators those performing scheduled and those performing non-scheduled (including charter) operations can be distinguished. Non-scheduled transport is lead without any regular schedule. This is what Smartaero Group is about to offer. You will decide where from, when and where to would you like to go on board our aircraft. Business flight? Or maybe just leisure? Our team will provide you with quick, optimum, safe flight tailored to your needs and requirements.

Smartaero Group is currently in an advanced stage of certification at local CAA (ULC) in terms of commercial passenger transport (AOC).

In a large airport in Europe, the cost of turnover (handling, landing fees, etc.) Embraer 175 is even 750 euros and the cost of the rotation of the A380 can be as high as 8000 euros!

Call center

Flight training? Aircraft maintenance, complicated one? CAMO? Or maybe consultancy in forming a coherent and legitimate documentation on AMO, CAMO, ATO or AOC? Answer to all these questions: smartaero.

More information at: +48 530 380 090