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Prices of  Maintenance services:

Cessna 152
- 50 inspection : 250 EUR
- 100 h inspection: 450 EUR
- 400 h inspection: 578 EUR
- 1 man-hour: 40 EUR

PA-28 (Arrow)
- 50 h inspection: 320 EUR
- 100 h inspection: 580 EUR
- 400 h inspection 735 EUR
- 1 man-hour: 40 EUR

PA-30 (Piper Twin Comanche) Individual arrangements

C421C (Golden Eagle) Individual arrangements

B60 (Duke) Individual arrangements

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Prices of the following should be added if present:
  • Spare parts
  • Operational materials
  • Execution of any necessary Service Bulletins or any Airworthiness Directives
  • Additional malfunctions service

The winds are blowing in the direction of clockwise around highs atmospheric pressure and counter -clockwise around the lows (in the northern hemisphere). The names of the winds determined the direction from which the blow,

The cost of one engine medium-range aircraft is approximately $ 2 million, but one engine airplane dalekodystansowego can cost up to 8 million!

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Flight training? Aircraft maintenance, complicated one? CAMO? Or maybe consultancy in forming a coherent and legitimate documentation on AMO, CAMO, ATO or AOC? Answer to all these questions: smartaero.

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