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Most popular training aircraft worldwide, two seater, high wing equipped with Lycoming engine of 110 hp. Because of the unrivalled safety level and ease of pilotage, this is where most of the pilots start their career. At smartaero it is used for private pilot PPL(A) training, VFR night training, commercial pilot training CPL(A) and flight instructor training FI(A). If you hold a pilot license already you may rent it, calling our Information directly. We offer two such aircraft – SP-MAA and SP-MAS. Both of them have been recently thoroughly renovated..

 Aircraft Flight Manual C-152
 Checklist C-152
 Pre-Flight Inspection C-152 

Average temperature of 15°C drops every 2°C at 500 m

Call center

Flight training? Aircraft maintenance, complicated one? CAMO? Or maybe consultancy in forming a coherent and legitimate documentation on AMO, CAMO, ATO or AOC? Answer to all these questions: smartaero.

More information at: +48 530 380 090