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Our Team

Andrzej Malec 
„Impossible is nothing“

Great experience beginning with spray-field flights, transatlantic flights on GA aircraft, to long-term line flying in PLL LOT on 767 / 787. Unrivalled mechanical engineer.
Tomasz Malec 

Visionary, pursuing clearly set goals. PLL F/O on EMB175, flight instructor FI(A), 3500TT.


Tomasz Walentynowicz
„One-man Band“

Available 24h/day, always eager to help, our full-time PR-manager. Contract specialist. ‘Right-hand’ of the company.
Karol Frąc
„Epitomy of Calm“

There’s no task he wouldn’t resolve. „Aviation and Aeronautics“ studies at Rzeszów Polytechnics graduate. 2200 TT. Chief Ground Instructor CG(I), Flight Instructor FI(A)/CPL, IR, MEP(L).


Barbara Frąc
„Documentation’s Master“

CAMO Specialist, ATO office worker, Quality Management graduate at Warsaw School of Economics, inner auditor in ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, PN-N-18001:2004 management system.
Marek Piórkowski 

Watching constantly over perfect technical condition of the aircraft, pilot with great experience, ranging from military to spray-fields to instructor rating FI(A)/CPL(A), FI. He will always help you, chat to you on any possible issue.


Agnieszka Skwara
„International Relations Specialist“

University of Westminster graduate, commercial pilot, flight instructor FI(A) with SEP(L), MEP(L), IR/SE ME, MCC, JOC ratings. Passionate about flying for over 10 years – from paragliders, gliders, to “serious” aeroplanes, in the meantime Alpine Skiing Instructor and raring hiker.
Sławomir Myszkowski
„Let's fly"

Flight Instructor FI(A) and Commercial Pilot with fATPL(A) + MCC + JOC. Graduate of Polish Air Force Academy in Dęblin and UMK in Torun. Teaches also in English.
Likes to travel, ride motorcycles and play ice hockey.


Jędrzej Szczypuła

Born on the Christmas Eve AD 1991. Interested in the aviation by the age of 5 and sticking to it consequently. Started  flying by the age of 16 at Podhalanski Aeroclub in Lososina Dolna. Gained PPL there in 2011. Simultaneously studies Archeology at Warsaw University.
Szymon Wyczółkowski
„Smart Kid“

Engaged in the aviation few years ago, started to devour everything concerning it, til today. Hung aroud at the school day and night, till One-Band Man decided it’s time to use him. From that day on he started doing everything that needs to be done and cannot be done by the previous.


24/7 Call center

Flight training? Aircraft maintenance, complicated one? CAMO? Or maybe consultancy in forming a coherent and legitimate documentation on AMO, CAMO, ATO or AOC? Answer to all these questions: smartaero.

More information at: +48 506 471 893

+48 506 471 893

+48 502 461 101