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Our History

Smart Aero Service was founded in 2009. The idea was the fulfillment of pilot’s - Tomasz Malec‘s dream, to form a stable and coherent aviation company with wide variety of services offered and uncommon, innovative insight into the matters of aviation industry. The cooperation with Tomasz Walentynowicz, law’s graduate, initiated also in 2009, contributed „additional, new view“ to the company, particularly on the legal and administrative matters. The certificates gained at the very beginning – for ATO and AMO activities were only a prelude to the to-be-founded Group encompassing several aviation organisations.
The experience gained by Tomasz Malec – the son and Andrzej Malec – the father during the line flying, contact with air transport on daily basis, observing and analysing the mechanisms implemented and well tested in the West-European countries, led to the foundation of new departments, i.e. CAMO and fulfillment of the ultimate aim – certifying the air transport operations, both under the name of Smart Aero Solutions.

Andrzej Malec‘s long-lasting passion for aviation and great experience in the field, as well as business verve, the skill of smart solutions invention and at the same time Tomasz Malec’s innate intuition, interpersonal skills combined with juridical background and knack for documentation of Tomasz Walentynowicz result in an unusual mix, guaranteeing stable and balanced growth.

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At night there is less turbulence than during the day.

Call center

Flight training? Aircraft maintenance, complicated one? CAMO? Or maybe consultancy in forming a coherent and legitimate documentation on AMO, CAMO, ATO or AOC? Answer to all these questions: smartaero.

More information at: +48 530 380 090